Saturday, October 22, 2011

Portsmouth RBA show

John and I spent a great day attending the Portmouth RBA show in Piketon, Ohio.  I couldn't believe how packed it was considering this is the week before the convention.  Aside from the thick fog on the way to the show, it really was a perfect fall day for the buns to be out.  The show crew ran a great show and seemed to keep all the judges busy all day long.  Job well done!
We did not leave the show disappointed as Marie acquired her elusive third leg.  It can be hard in a rarer breed like English Angoras since there isn't much competition out there.  Donny also did well with 2 best opposite sex of breed awards.
Side note, I think my camera died:( I used John's which I also think needs to be put to rest, perhaps there is a camera shopping trip in the near future.

If you get to the show REEELLY early, this is what you will see.

A blur of Donny and Marie after going best of breed and best opposite sex of breed with judge Jacinta.

Judge Joe checking out Donny.

Judge Joe checking out Marie.

Donny guarding his and Marie's trophies of the day.  Very nice awards, Portmouth RBA!

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Lilac Haven said...

COngrats! My camera died too. I had to send it to Nikon for repair-it's under warrenty/