Saturday, June 25, 2011

Groom Expo

We were so fortunate to have a groom expo in Wilmington, Ohio this weekend which was about 20 minutes from my house.  Think kid in a candy store for this dog groomer!  Usually, I have to mail order all my supplies which entails a lot of handling and shipping costs so I was quite thrilled with the savings. 
 John secured a great deal on a new blower, saving us more than $50, who doesn't love a good deal?  I got a brand new pair of 10" shears with hot pink finger pads which I am sure will make all the difference in the world on my grooms, I can hardly wait for work on Monday, haha!
And for all you Hello Kitty freaks out there I got a set of 10 Hello Kitty bows for Miss Roxie.  She loves them.  Sort of.
"Lovely.  Just lovely."

What Roxie REALLY thinks of the bow.

"There.  I fixed it."

Since this is suppose to be a bunny blog I should ad a bunny picture every now and then.  Here is Marie checking out her new blower.  She is sure to hate it as much as the last.  But it is purple so that has to be worth SOMETHING.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beautiful girls

I received some pictures from my friend Betty of two beautiful girls.  These are Jamey's daughters.

Baby chocolate.

Baby black.

More recent picture just turning senior.

Chocolate girl again.

Convention hopefuls?  You bet!  Hopefully, the black will be moving out east permanently after convention;)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Persistent toad

Every summer we get a couple of toads at the kennel usually spending most of their time in the drainage ditch between the inside and the outside of the kennel runs.  This year we have 2 very persistent toads living on either side of the kennel.  They invite themselves IN the kennel.  Thursday morning I went into the back of the kennel to let the dogs out and there sat one of the toads in the middle of the kennel.  Mostly they like to sit on the edge of the doggy doors in the run with the dogs.  For some reason the dogs don't acknowledge them but it sure startles me when I open a door and there sits a toad.