Friday, December 31, 2010

A Best in Show

I know, I know, it's been ages since last we spoke but no news is good news...  But this news is even BETTER!  Today at the New Year's Eve show held in Wilmington, Ohio Delilah got a best in show.  It was such a nice surprise as you always dream about the big win but it seems so elusive most of the time.  The show started around noon and ended shortly after 6PM.  Those are some great show hours as you get to sleep in and get home at a decent hour.  The weather was beyond great at temps near 60 degrees.  Geez, someone pinch me- all this sounds too good to be true.  Here are some pictures just so you know I wasn't dreaming.
"Hey!  Don't forget about me, K?" Delilah waiting to be judged for best 4 class.  No room left on the table!

Delilah after getting the once-over by Judge Mike A.

Judge Kevin deciding between the Californian and Delilah for Best in Show.
Delilah sitting pretty waiting for her turn.
Two happy rabbit owners.

Another good reason to go to the show: meeting up with good rabbit friends Annette and Lisa.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Snow

It seems we are having a year of weather extremes.  First, a very hot summer which was unbearable now extremely cold temperatures that have arrived early this year along with the snow.  We got about 2 inches yesterday and thankfully it didn't stick to the driveway.  Maybe it was retaining the heat from the 61 degrees we had several days before!  I will just be thankful I didn't have to go out and plow.  Here are some pictures of Angus and Wesson enjoying the first significant snowfall.  At least someone was looking forward to  it.
Angus pondering the origins of snowflakes.
Wesson playing with a frozen toy.
Angus can't catch the little red head.

"Wanna make a snowman?"