Sunday, October 2, 2011

4 shows in one day!

This past Saturday we had the opportunity to attend a quadruple show in Marietta, Ohio.  How can you pass up such an opportunity even if it is 3 and a half hours away?  John and I left the night before and spent the night at the Magnusen Inn where we were enthusiastically greeted by a gang of cats.  Too bad I didn't get a picture of it but apparently the cats have trained the hotel guests to feed them and we were no exception.  We were strong armed into sharing chicken nuggets and french fries.  I could see that this is a frequent occurance as all the cats looked well fed.  Now someone needs to work on getting them all spayed and neutered.
The show was well attended with 23 English angoras.  I am happy to report that Donny acquired 3 legs, 2 of which were for best of breed.  Marie also did quite well taking 2 best of varieties and 1 best opposite sex of breed.  She acquired 2 legs towards her grand champion title.  Unfortunately, we lost a fifth white rabbit for the last show otherwise she would have had the elusive third leg.
Marie getting the once over from judge Glenn.
Donny is the rabbit on the left competing with the tort doe for BOB.
Nope, no webbing here.

Judge Stacey gets her turn to check out Donny.
Marie meets Stacey. 
Stacey decides she likes Donny best.  He wins best of breed and Marie takes best opposite sex of breed in this show.

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