Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Bird Bath

John and I bought our backyard bird friends a little gift.  We love to bird watch at our feeders so we thought it was only appropriate to offer them a place to bathe.  Or let the dogs get a drink of water:)
It has a nifty little water circulator in the center that is powered by 2 D cell batteries so no electrical cords to mess with.  No takers just yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm movin' on...

Yesterday was the Ohio State Rabbit Breeders show in Columbus.  This was also the show I was meeting someone who was going to take the black bun back to California.  Lucky for us the timing worked out great and he hitched a ride with some fuzzy lops to go live with his new mom in San Francisco.  Here I am getting all my squeezes in before his departure.

And here he is after a smooth flight.  Amazing how well animals travel.

As for the actual show, I wasn't thrilled.  It seems they forget about the angora exhibitors and it takes a little prodding from us to get the ball rolling.  You kind of feel like a second class citizen.  Unfortunately I didn't even get to go check out the alpaca show going on at the same location as I didn't want to miss the call for showing.  However, John did and he took this awesome picture of a Suri alpaca.  He's so regal!

And a couple more parting shots of the super cute bun:>)