Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hot, hot...  Yep, that about sums it up.  The high temp today was 104, this thermometer shows the temperature just outside the rabbit room and the temp inside.  Thank God for airconditioning!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mineral Wells, West Virginia

I can now cross Mineral Wells, West Virginia off my bucket list.  John and I found ourselves there several weeks ago to attend a triple show, well worth the drive and a night's stay in a hotel.  The weather was perfect for rabbits and the show site was great with lots of room to set up for the size crowd that it attracted.  My rabbits did well, acquiring 4 legs between 3 junior rabbits.  I am very pleased with this considering there were 18 English Angoras entered with one of my junior does going best of breed in one show and my buck got best opposite sex of breed in all three shows.

Judge Kevin Bogan going over my junior buck.  He won best opposite sex of breed in the specialty show hosted by the UARC.

Judge Nita Butler going over my two white junior does. 

Judge Stacy Easton-Martin going over one of my does.  She went on to win best of breed.

Chocolate tort buck getting the once over.  He was best opposite sex of breed.

The winners!  And a happy owner:)

It's going to be a long summer keeping these 3 in shape.  But it will be worth the effort when the first shows roll around in September, can't wait!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bluebirds, Barn Swallows, what next??

We have really been fortunate this year with the different sort of birds we have been able to attract.  I am happy to report the Bluebird babies were successfully raised and fledged last week.  They may come back for another nest so we keep our fingers crossed we will be lucky once again. 

Last photo taken before fledging. 

Yesterday we noticed a lot of bird activity on the patio and were quite surprised to see a Barn Swallow scoping out the area for a possible nest site.  And the crazy thing is she decided to build a nest right on the patio lights above the back door!  How is that a proper site?  My house is hardly a barn so the Mrs. and I will have to agree to disagree on how logical her choice is.  Not sure I like all the 'swooping' action but she hardly seems bothered by any of our presence.

Laying the foundation.  Mud.

Working, working, working.

"I'm such a pretty bird, you wouldn't evict me, would you?"