Monday, October 31, 2011

Convention 2011

Every year there is a rabbit convention somewhere in the United States where thousands of rabbits converge to compete in the ultimate rabbit show.  Usually I do not attend as it requires 5 days in which your rabbits must remain cooped, I find it hard to stay in one place that long!  The people that do it year after year are true rabbit warriors so my hat is off to them for getting there by whatever means necessary.  Fortunately, this year it was in Indianapolis, Indiana which was a short 2 and a half hours away from home so I entered Donny and made plans to meet up with my friend Betty.  Betty flies in from California with all her rabbits so that is no easy task.

Wow!  What a rabbit.  This is Betty and a Lilianna. 

Donny checking out his temporary home.  I could not get him to sit still as he investigated all the new smells.

A backside view of the judging area.  The place was just filled with people.

Judge Cliff going over the white rabbits.  Lots of fiber on that table!

There were so many beautiful rabbits, it was nice to walk up and down the isle and see all the competition.  The spinner in me envisions lots of hanks of yarn! 

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Kelfla said...

Thank you for posting! I have never been to Convention. Was nice to see a bit of it!