Sunday, September 12, 2010

Philena Doolittle Sampler

I read in our local newspaper that there would be an open house in an historical house today featuring a 187 year old sampler stitched by a then 14 year old Philena Doolittle.  We have lived in Centerville (possibly Washington Township, I haven't quite worked that one out as, these things go in more rural areas) for 13 years and I thought I should learn something about this city.  Having done some cross stitch in the past I was curious to see such an old piece of work.  Below is the sampler.
This is the article that I read in the paper that peaked my curiosity:
What a great find for Centerville to reclaim a a piece of the past fashioned by such a young girl.

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Lilac Haven said...

Neat story and sampler.