Saturday, September 25, 2010

3 Tort Skeins

I have 3 tort rabbits.  Too Sexy is a chocolate tort and Mandie and Bunzilla are black torts.  It is interesting to see how the colors appear in these skeins.
Too Sexy's fiber is a buttery yellow on the left.  Mandie has a bluish tint to her's and Bunzilla, although a black tort, has his mother Too Sexy's color in his fiber.  These are their primary coats and the yardage is from 150 to 180 yards.  I like my yarn a little thicker so it is more of a worsted weight.

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Lilac Haven said...

Very nice. Being tort I would have thought they would have been darker. I'll have to spin up some of my tort and we can compare. Too Sexy has the most beautiful color I've ever seen! I still need you to help me with mittens.Right now I'm whipping up another coat for Daisy.