Sunday, March 16, 2008

Show time!

Fortunately, Spring is here which means better weather for rabbit shows. John and I packed up the six buns and we were ready to do some winning. The top photo shows Farrah waiting to be judged. Although I thought she looked very nice she did not get the elusive last 'leg' that I was hoping for but instead it went to her daughter Edie which is really not a loss at all as Edie needs 'legs' too. At just 12 weeks of age I would say that was a very good win.

Armando is in the second picture doing his best to acquire best opposite sex of breed. he is quite squeezable!

The third photo is judge Bob Swartz going over Too Sexy debating whether he should give her best of breed which he did. That makes the 8th Best of Breed since I have purchased Too Sexy.

More pictures tomorrow...

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