Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bill's wheels

The month of February has not been kind to us or our animals. Shortly after Rambo passed away Bill developed a vertebrae problem making him unable to walk. Due to the fact that Bill is 100 lbs. this complicates the issue even more. I don't have it in me at this time to euthanize another dog, especially one that still has a good quality of life, so have purchased Bill a dog wheel chair. The things people come up with! Our vet happened to have a set of wheels for a dog the size of Bill so while we wait for his very own to come in, we have a loaner pair. Bill was actually quite excited to get around in this contraption once he figured it out. My back was thrilled too! I have seen on the internet where they can make these even for rabbits. Now all we need is warmer, dry weather so Bill can really get around.

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