Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More show pics...

The top picture is the building in which the show was held on Sunday. Although it is warm and well lit it is a very small building and they don't allow for chairs or grooming tables. Fortunately, Angoras were up first thing so it wasn't too bad.

John and I are chronically early people so at the time these pictures were taken only a few people had arrived. In the second picture the buns want to know, "Where's the judge?"

The third picture is of Edie and Gabrielle just hanging out getting a look at the competition.

In the non rabbit related category, Bill got to come along for the ride. Bill's thinks EVERY day is a good day for a car ride and today he was not disappointed. He didn't get to come in and see the rabbits (they would have scared him anyways) but he was happy for a change of scenary.

And finally, for whom these rabbit shows would not be possible we have John doing what he does best, he is the master packer! I have driven from Ohio to California and back with John and he excels at loading a vehicle. Although rabbit shows don't present much of a challenge he is certain there is a science to this so I leave it up to him. Lucky for my back!

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