Sunday, May 25, 2014

Singin' the blues

I have been on a bit of a spinning frenzy lately and what better color to do it with than my favorite black English Angora.  The first picture is two hanks from 2 different rabbits.  The top hank is darker which I really like.  The bottom hank turned out nearly white, not enough color to even consider it a color.

I decided to dye it to make it more interesting.  I used Country Classic slate blue which I have had for ever.  A very little bit of this dye goes a long, long way which I can attest to since I have had it for 17 years and am no where near the bottom of the container.  It is much more economical than Kool-aid but not non-toxic so I have to use separate cookware for any of the commercial dyes.

It is a vibrant blue!

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