Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kool-aid dyeing

I seem to be mastering the art of quick spinning of second cut angora.  This inconsistent form of spinning uses all the matted and webbed pieces most would throw away.  I often ply with cotton/poly crochet thread but you have to know what direction you are headed in for dyeing as the non animal fiber thread will not take the dyes I so often use.  Most of the time out of convenience I use Kool-Aid as it is non toxic or other food grade dyes.  With this particular hank of yarn I plied it with very fine spun angora that I had left over and since I don't plan on doing any lace weight yarn in the near future (probably ever!  Too tedious) I used what I had on hand.  The nice thing about that is I could get creative with what color I was going to dye the yarn without worrying what color the commercial thread was.  I found a great site on the internet that gives you color recipes which takes the guess work out of mystery concoctions.  I LOVE this site,

So...  5 packages of pink lemonade + 2 packages of berry blue gets you this,

I loved the hints of purple in the dye bath.

After drying it was less intense but still very pretty.

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