Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello Halo!

Not much has been happening in the angora department for the last couple of months, hence, the lack of blogging.  I attended a show several weeks ago but only had one French Angora to show and no competition.  There was a new English Angora exhibitor so that was a pleasant surprise.  I hope she sticks around.
The time had finally come to cut Eve, the French Angora, down.  She really needs to grow an adult coat so I am anxiously awaiting to see how it comes in.  I scissor cut her as it didn't seem to lend itself to plucking for which I am grateful.  Honestly, I wouldn't look forward to plucking a rabbit since I have never done it before.  Wow, is the yield so much less than an English Angora.  English are so much more high maintenance but you could easily get four times as much per clipping.  So much better of a return on your investment in rabbit pellets alone.  But you do have to factor in how much easier it is to care for a French Angora as well. 
Although I posted this picture before it's nice to see these two pictures together so you get a good visual of what it looks like ON the rabbit and what it looks like after spinning.

Don't you just love the halo? That's the fuzziness brought about by the guard hairs that the French Angora should have.  I didn't think little baby Eve had that much!  It is super soft and quite a lovely color.

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