Tuesday, April 3, 2012


What a great time of the year, everything is new and blooming.  We can't seem to get enough of bird watching and are treated to nests full of eggs.  It such a great learning experience as we try to attract different types of birds.  If we can get Orioles at a feeder and a nest box of Tree Swallows, I will think we deserve some sort of bird watcher award!

The Bluebirds decided to lay two more eggs since last we talked. 

Yeah!  The Chickadee laid an egg, finally.  I never thought she would get down to business.  According to what I've read we can expect at least 5 more.  She's got a lot of layin' to do.

My lovely Crab Apple tree in full bloom.  John bought this fore me a few years back and it always reminds me of the Crab Apple tree we had in the backyard as a kid.  Such a beautiful tree.


Michigan Angora Club said...

Know if you could get Purple Martin to take up nesting.... That would be something out of the world... Next year goal.... :-)

Healthy Thief said...
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