Sunday, April 22, 2012

Since last we talked...

Had a bit of a surprise when I signed on to update my blog- looks like they are changing the behind the scene format.  I hate change. But since it's free, I guess complaining isn't going to do much.

Since last we chatted those #*%@% sparrows took out all five Bluebird eggs.  It was heart breaking to watch the Bluebirds try in vain to ward off the non-indigenous cruddy little good for nothing birds as we were helpless to intervene.  And although the sparrows won over the coveted bird house John and I have been WAY more persistent in keeping the boxes free of sparrow nests.  They quickly (more quickly than the Chickadees or Bluebirds) rebuild a nest and we no sooner clear it out.  I can only hope we are delaying, if not preventing, them from laying eggs.  If I seem a bit extreme in my dislike for sparrows it is because they disrupt the natural environment of this area (all of the US, actually) and have played a part in the decline in the number of Bluebirds and probably other indigenous birds.  Bluebirds are such a treat to see, and with the help of humans who put up bird houses and do there part to irradicate sparrows we can look forward to seeing more bluebirds.

Fortunately, the destroyed Bluebird nest did not deter the Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird from trying again in a different box, which, so far the sparrows have left alone.  Hopefully, I will soon post pictures of a successful Bluebird family.

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Sure wish I could take a picture like that!

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