Friday, June 4, 2010

Goose update

After I posted the last post, John spoke to the volunteers at the Brukner Center and they asked him if he would like to come and get the goose and release it back in the area since it may have a mate around here.  We scoped out the area and were surprised to see that several of the man made ponds put up fencing and wires to keep geese and ducks out of the ponds.  We never noticed that before.  How unfriendly:(  What's a pond without a goose or duck?
We settled on a lovely natural pond behind a church that welcomes all people and birds.  I like their way of thinking.

The goose rehabilitation enclosure.

Brukner Center worker properly subduing the goose by tucking his head under his wing.  Worked like a charm.

John and his goose.  Didn't he do a good job of tucking the head under the wing?

The goose had no problem finding the water.

Slightly confused goose made friends with the ducks first.

Ahh...  This seems right now.  He is the third in line.  Have a nice life, Goose!!

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