Sunday, March 14, 2010

What I WILL eat and what I WON'T eat

A note from Mandie:
 To whom it may concern,
 I will not eat carrots, broccoli, or craisins (as noted in the picture.)  However, I will eat lots of whole wheat bread, oats, and pellets.  Please make a note of that.

So much for a healthy eating lifestyle for this carbohydrate loving former California girl. She's embracing a midwest type of diet.
"What is this in my bowl?"

"You may give these to Bunzilla."


Jane said...

Mandie's loss is Bunzilla's gain! Gotta love these buns...

Lilac Haven said...

I never thought of giving craisins to the buns as a treat. I'll have to get some.

Maureen said...

(Most) buns love craisins. They go nuts when they hear me open the bag. Maybe Mandie will try them and decide they taste good!