Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1 day old

Are those my babies?  After a disasterous start (Too Sexy pushed her babies out of the cage onto the floor) she decides she will take good care of them.

Two peas in a pod.  I have it on good authority that the dark one is a black.  I assume the pink one is a REW. 
Fat milk belly!  I will make a prediction that this one is a doe. 

I worried about this little fellow yesterday but after two good feedings I couldn't get him to cooperate he was so vigerous!  I predict this is a buck. 


Jane said...

I love the little grandbaby buns! Congratulations to you both and to the bunnie mom, Too Sexy. I hope they continue to grow and are healthy. Thanks for the blog. xxx Jane

Lilac Haven said...

Predicting or wishing??nLOL

Jan said...

The dark one looks more like an agouti to me... light colored belly, inside of ears.