Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All of Sweetpea

I have one black English Angora named Sweetpea that I have had for almost 6 years now and she produces my favorite natural color that doesn't require dying. I have made a scarf and 3 pairs of mittens over the years but sat down in ernest to spin all that I have collected from her. She does not produce a lot as I understand black EA's don't have the density that a white or tort would so every ounce I have is coveted. My guess would be that I have harvested around 1500 yards of spun yarn or approximately 2 small sweater's worth.

This picture is a 234 yard hank of pure Sweetpea. I spun this on my Majacraft spinning wheel which I haven't used in years so the twist is not quite what I wanted it to be but I have learned that it matters little when you knit it.

Here is the finished product- a lovely scarf. For me:)


Somerhill said...

Did you just do that since we saw you last week? Way to go! Its beautiful, BTW.

Lilac Haven said...