Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday...

To ME!! Yep, it's my birthday. Or at least it will be in a few short days and this is what I got. It is a Coral Burst ornamental crab apple tree and it makes me very happy:) For years John threatened to cut down a lovely crab apple tree that sat in this very same spot due to it's failing health but this tree hugger wouldn't allow it. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had her way with the former tree during that nasty wind storm a few weeks ago and snapped it in two. I was heart broken:( My saddness was short lived when I realized I could replace the white flowereing tree with A PINK ONE! With time, this itty bitty beauty should grow to look something like this...

John worked hard picking out this tree, digging the hole, and planting the tree. What a great gift!

While we are on the subject of trees, check out this fine new addition to the backyard.

It is quite a beauty for sure but try explaining that to the dog in the foreground. Angus was all for the big hole dug in the backyard until the new tree occupied it. You would swear it was the enemy invading! For a dog who never seems to be out of 'water' when it comes to trees this one just wasn't in the database. He has since adjusted.

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