Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The fruits of my labor

A friend of mine recently gave me some tips on dying fiber prior spinning. Usually I would not do this as it is easier to dye a hank of yarn but the end product can be very different if you use other methods. In this first picture I have put some soaking wet fiber in a roasting pan and got a little crazy with some dye.
Now I have a heaping mess of matted up fiber.

After I carded it out and spun a ply it's beginning to look like something that resembles yarn.

Presto! Now we have yarn. It is a long road from rabbit to yarn but if you have patience and enjoy the process you eventually will get a lovely end product.


Annette said...

Beautiful Yarn Maureen!

WoolyWorm said...

Wow! That's gorgeous!

JFMDolton said...

Hi Maureen, this is Jane from Canada. I am Annette's friend. I just saw how your yarn turned out and think it is so neat. What do you plan to make from it? I hope you don't mind me posting.
Jane Murray

Somerhill said...

I''m with Jane - now we need a picture of the finished knitting project. :^) Lisa