Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New skeins

Time to update you on some new skeins.  It's been a while!

This skein hanging out to dry is over 100 yards and is one ply angora and one ply commercial yarn Angel Hair Boucle by Sensation which was a minty green.  I then dyed it in lemon lime Kool-Aid which didn't affect the color of the commercial yarn but accented the angora which did absorb it. I loved the way it turned out since it has the same halo affect of spun angora.  I loved it so much that I tried another skein in a different color which is below.

I didn't add any dye to this skein since the commercial dye was so pretty.  Just one ply white angora and one ply Angel Hair Boucle.  Well over 100 yards.

How about this beautiful color?  This is one ply polyester crochet thread (purple) and one ply angora dyed with cherry and boy blue Country Classic.  I had one heck of a time getting the cherry to do something and ended up rinsing most of it out.  Went back and re-heated the skein and ended up with a little purple with the blue.  Here is a picture after it completely dried,
Who knows what colors will inspire me next...