Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wilmington, Ohio NYE show

Despite a minor snow storm and much work to do at the kennel I made it to the NYE show in Wilmington yesterday.  It was probably the smallest show I have been to as most exhibitors were deterred by the weather.  I can't blame them, better to be safe than sorry but since the show site was only 20 miles from my house I gave it a go.  The show was delayed by an hour to try to give more people travel time so that helped.
I had an enjoyable time but missed my fellow competitors as I was the only French Angora or English Angora exhibitor to show despite being sanctioned.  My smarter counterparts were probably at home spinning and knitting.  By the time the show had ended the roads were clear so the drive home went well.
This was as full as the show room got.  Youth were in a separate building as they expected a larger turn out.  It was kind of nice to have space to spread out.

Judge Joe Calucci in show A with Eve, the French Angora.

Rhea, the English Angora in show A.
Judge Nita Butler in show B with Eve.

Rhea in show B.
A photo of Eve taken at home the day after the show.  This was her last show to be shown as a junior.  She will soon be a lovely senior.


Mouse said...

Ah, Wilmington. Used to show my horse down there every summer.

Eve is adorable!

Lilac Haven said...

Eve is very pretty

Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry said...

I was planning on coming with Giant and Satin Angoras but was afraid of the weather coming from Delaware.