Thursday, November 15, 2012

New dyes

It's always fun to get a fiber related package in the mail.  I ordered these four Country Classic dyes from Paradise fibers at on Sunday and received them this Thursday.  Considering Monday was a holiday I think the response rate was great. 
Did you know that it is cheaper to use Country Classic dyes than Kool-Aid?  As much as I love the safety and convenience of Kool-Aid, sometimes you need a color a little less vibrant and I find Country Classic to be just as simple to use.  There is a large variety of colors to choose from as well.
This certainly inspires me to finish the spinning on my wheel and add a little color.


Lilac Haven said...

Let us know how you like these.

Somerhill said...

I've started using Dharma Co dyes. SO far, I like them, and they really go a LONG way. My biggest problem is using too much.