Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moon Cakes

Moon cakes?  For years I have wondered about these pastries my friend Betty features on her blog in the month of September every year to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival.  Today John and I were driving all over Dayton in search of something else when we came across a Chinese grocery store.  I was feeling bold (he wasn't) and wandered in.  It was interesting with roasting rotisserie ducks and exotic fish swimming around in tanks but the highlight of the adventure was finding this beautiful tin of MOON CAKES! 


Indeed, they do taste pretty bad.  However, it is quite pretty to look at.  With 630 calories and 24 g of fat in each piece it's a good thing they don't taste good to me otherwise I would eat all 4 pieces. 


Somerhill said...

Looks like the filling is made from dried beans, sugar and lard. Gag!

Lilac Haven said...

I was thinking pecan pie until I read on. What Lisa said.. LOL