Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OSU Spring game

Hope springs eternal, or so the saying goes.  This die hard Buckeye fan and alumni has much love for the Buckeyes and will not be deterred by one less than stellar season.  John, who also loves the Buckeyes and keeps me informed from all of his Bucknuts reading (this is a popular insider's internet subscription) and I attended the Spring football game at the Horseshoe.  The attendance was 81,000 strong which has to be some sort of record.  I believe that team up north had a measly 24,000 in attendance and those tickets were FREE. Yet I digress...

Ah, the Promised Land!

This was no time to be fashion conscious.  After some early drizzle the weather cleared up for game time.

Urban Meyer in the black shorts and white sweat shirt. 

Whoa, tight security.  See the guy on top of Morrill Tower?  Not my kind of job.

Best damn band in the land!

They break the team down into Scarlet and Grey.  Loosing team had to walk back to the training facility, winners get a bus ride.  Also, losers have to spend the day doing charitable work along with all office staff who was recruited for that team.  Scarlet was victorious.

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