Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Big Times Kennel lost a very dear friend yesterday.  Poncho was the greeter at the kennel and after a several month battle with kidney failure his body succumbed to the disease.  He will be missed by the clients and especially those of us in the office.
He was gifted to us several years ago by a customer in poor health.  It took him several months to feel comfortable in the kennel, he often hid under the sink or behind the furnace but eventually he assumed the job of chief dog behavior modifier and people greeter.  He learned to accept my hugs and kisses for it was a small price to pay for the copious amounts of food he ate, in his prime he was 19 lbs.  I will miss his unique way of cuddling with his head buried in my lap, it made me feel appreciated.  I would like to think he liked me best but it was probably my consistent, timely way of opening a can of cat food that appealed to him most.
And lastly, may we never know when it is time to leave the bathroom for Poncho would scratch at the door the second you closed it as if to say, "Hey!  What are you doing in my water bowl?"

I'll miss you terribly, Poncho:(

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The Fluff Master said...

Bye Poncho :( Say Hi to my buddies Buffy and Bookie who will be at the gate to meet you :) <3 <3