Sunday, November 27, 2011

How am I doing?

The bad news is OSU lost Saturday but the good news is I sat and made a bunch more of these polymer clay EA figurines during the game.  Hopefully, each one is better than the last.  They can be made into either pins or magnets.  I prefer the magnets as I can enjoy them every time I look at the refrigerator.

Why, yes.  That is the ever elusive pink tort.  I could give you the genetic breakdown on how to get it but I don't want to divulge ALL my secrets;)  Middle row is REW's and the browns are either black tort or chocolate tort, you can't really see the noses in this picture.

I was aiming for more grey than silver but it's kind of jazzy, don't you think?  


Somerhill said...

Those sure are cute, Maureen

Vivelly said...

They look really cute! I like the red

Lilac Haven said...

very cute. you've done a nice job with these