Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Birthday!

It's a little belated as time seems to get away from me but Delilah and Jamey celebrated their 1 year birthday March 1.  I was blessed with 2 fantastic rabbits that did not disappoint.  Delilah has earned 3 Best in Show, a best 4 class and is still in competitive coat.  Jamie is living the high life in California and has gone on to be a  model for a sci-fi mystery novel, has earned over 30 show legs, and he, too, is still in competitive coat.
Delilah wins her first Best in Open show.

Delilah wins Best in Specialty show.

Delilah goes on to win another Best in Open show.

Jamie enjoying the life in California.

Jamie selling the novel Midnight Crystal.

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Northern California Angora Guild said...

Maureen: Thanks for allowing Jamey to come to live with me in CA. He is now a 40+ legger after winning four more legs in Oregon!