Tuesday, February 15, 2011


After several months of trying for buns we finally got these two delightful, fat buns born on Valentine's day.  Aren't they precious?

I especially like this photo, a nice fat milk belly.  My favorite thing:)

Anyone who says rabbits multiply like crazy never tried breeding them.  It took 3 pregnant does, 2 failed breedings, and possibly a little fairy dust and you end up with 2.  2 is a good number for me and if one ends up being a buck and the other a doe, than the objective was met. 


Northern California Angora Guild said...

Two grand champions in waiting!



ashleyammons said...

They are just so cute! Are they really fragile? I'd love to hear more about the birthing process. Thanks for the super-cute pics.

Maureen said...

I think they are rather feisty and hearty for being so little. As for the birthing process, it usually happens when you aren't looking or in the middle of the night so you have to be on your toes otherwise they might die of exposure if not in the nest box.