Friday, January 28, 2011

A Mystery

No, not the book but there is a mystery surrounding it.  A couple of days ago I received this book in the mail but I didn't order it.  Did someone want me to read it?  Could the key to my future lie within?  OK maybe not that but it IS intriguing and now I am compelled to read it!  I am about 40 pages into it, so far so good, and English Angoras make an appearance!  Thank you to the very clever and thoughtful person who sent it. I like your style!


Lilac Haven said...

Definately someone who knows you sent it. Neat surprise. And this isn't the book you talked about earlier with Betty's bunny in it?

Maureen said...

This is a different book and so far it is really good. The author really knew something about angoras.