Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Snow

It seems we are having a year of weather extremes.  First, a very hot summer which was unbearable now extremely cold temperatures that have arrived early this year along with the snow.  We got about 2 inches yesterday and thankfully it didn't stick to the driveway.  Maybe it was retaining the heat from the 61 degrees we had several days before!  I will just be thankful I didn't have to go out and plow.  Here are some pictures of Angus and Wesson enjoying the first significant snowfall.  At least someone was looking forward to  it.
Angus pondering the origins of snowflakes.
Wesson playing with a frozen toy.
Angus can't catch the little red head.

"Wanna make a snowman?"

1 comment:

Somerhill said...

WOW, you did get some snow from that clipper. We got nary a flake, which is fine with me!