Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's been a while...

It has been a long, hot summer with not much bunny stuff to blog about.  We haven't been to a show since June and glad for it as the temps have been mostly in the 90's.  You can't do ANYTHING in that kind of heat!  I am so over it, fall couldn't get here quick enough.  Business at the kennel has been good which is another reason I haven't had any time to blog.  I have been trying to avoid the office lady as much as possible as she always has a list of phone calls I need to return.  I run from hiding spot to hiding spot but eventually she catches me.  Must chat with her about doing less of her job.  Haha.
We had another unfortunate passing, our guinea pig Copper died last week:(  Copper was going on 7 years old and was a delightful pet to own.  She was a rescued guinea pig that had actually been set free outside and recaptured a couple of days later.  We enjoyed her noises and antics and will miss her.

I haven't had much time to spin but have managed to cut down some rabbits.  Bunzilla is no longer in show coat and is enjoying the short hair do.  I will post 'after' pictures of him in a future blog.
On a more recent note, John and I went to the annual boy scout's tent garage sale tonight.  They always have a huge turn out and it's fun to go pick through the goods.  I came away with a Dave Barry book and this heating pad that I knew a certain cat would like.

Yes, I realize there is a heat advisory today at 90 plus degrees but a cat wants what a cat wants.  And for a dollar, how could I deny her?  Trouble was very sick a couple of weeks ago and we weren't sure if she was going to make so it was my pleasure to make her happy.

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