Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm movin' on...

Yesterday was the Ohio State Rabbit Breeders show in Columbus.  This was also the show I was meeting someone who was going to take the black bun back to California.  Lucky for us the timing worked out great and he hitched a ride with some fuzzy lops to go live with his new mom in San Francisco.  Here I am getting all my squeezes in before his departure.

And here he is after a smooth flight.  Amazing how well animals travel.

As for the actual show, I wasn't thrilled.  It seems they forget about the angora exhibitors and it takes a little prodding from us to get the ball rolling.  You kind of feel like a second class citizen.  Unfortunately I didn't even get to go check out the alpaca show going on at the same location as I didn't want to miss the call for showing.  However, John did and he took this awesome picture of a Suri alpaca.  He's so regal!

And a couple more parting shots of the super cute bun:>)

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