Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My rabbitry

I don't think I have ever posted pictures of where I keep my rabbits. This is a room that is heated and airconditioned which is very convenient for me, however, it does limit the number of rabbits I can have. The large black dog is Laura which you may remember as the dog that fears baby bunnies.

This is Copper who could possibly be one of the longest living guinea pigs that I know of. She was a 'gift' from a former employee that is around 6 years old. I have never owned a guinea pig before but I rather like this little pet. She has lots of personality and knows a bag of carrots when she hears one.

And then there's Morty. He heard I was updating my blog insisted I put this picture in.


Annette said...

Very nice. Copper and Morty are cute.

Lori Lynn said...

How neat to see pictures of your pets! I have a parakeet named Copper (he's the color of the patina) and our cat's name is Marty. I think that's a fun coincidence.

Oh I just loved the picture of your beautiful baby tort. I hope it is doing well. I remember those days!