Saturday, July 4, 2009

Laura's big date

Today Laura had a date with a vile of 19 year old frozen semen. We are hoping in 62 days to have not-so-frozen puppies. We tried this one other time using a different male's frozen semen but unfortunately it didn't take. We are hopeful the integrity of this sperm is better and we will have success! Keep your fingers crossed.

In the first picture she is (hopefully) being impregnated.

Laura must now keep her rear end elevated for 5 minutes. She is very cooperative for this.

I thought this picture was kind of cool even though you can't see it very clearly. It is a slide of the very mobile sperm. They graded it at 60% motility which is pretty good. I think it is great for 19 year old semen! They looked like little tadpoles swimming around.


a striver for sanity said...

Doesn't look like as much fun as the old fashioned way! Those sperm are old enough to have a driver's license so let's hope they know where to go!

Annette said...

I'm already anxious to see the puppies.