Monday, November 24, 2008


Yes, that would be the word to describe me today. Since this is a 'fiber' related blog I thought I should post some pics of a rescued Komondor being shaved down AFTER three years of neglect. A client rescued this boy. File this under crappy fiber.

It's coming off in one piece!

I'm being such a good boy for never having this done before.

Look, a tail!

Are we done yet??

. I'm guessing at least 5 lbs. of matted fur.
Sorry I didn't get an after picture of this fine fellow but he left a happier client and I felt a sense of accomplishment:)

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Annette said...

He looks like a really nice dog. It's too bad people don't take care of their animals. Is he going to have long curls when it grows back out? I like you new blog color.