Tuesday, July 22, 2008


John and I paid a visit to a local alpaca ranch last weekend that had over 400 alpacas. The seminar was very informative and we learned a lot. Not to worry, we aren't switching from rabbits to alpacas, we just like looking!

This is a Suri alpaca. It has a more silky texture to it's fiber. The rest of the alpacas were huacaya alpacas that had a more sheeplike texture, but still very soft. Not nearly as soft as my rabbits but softer than most wool.

Look at all the alpacas!!

A mom and her 3 day old baby.

The mom keeps a close eye on her baby.

This is a baby making date. It's not very romantic.

Even though this female alpaca has a 3 week old baby she is ready to be bred again. She will be pregnant for 344 days.

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